Sunday, January 13, 2008


Why is it that I always seem to be sewing on "football Sundays"? Some of my best creations have come forth on Sundays! And this one is no exception. Please help me to welcome Bridget into this world! She is part of my spring and summer line with the bright colors I promised you.

Bridget was fashioned from a mango colored dupioni silk. This silk is actually a two-toned fabric made from weaving both hot pink and flaming orange silk threads together. The result is amazing. I chose to put only one exterior pocket on this one to allow more room for embellishing the front. But since we girls like to look good both coming and going, I custom made a thick silk piping to accent her "rear" pocket. I lined it with the same fun polka dot fabric that adorns her interior.

On the front there are two pleats about an inch or so wide and two 24kt gold plated metal buttons. These buttons have a buttery gold tone to them and an interesting design on them.

The 16 inch handles are padded, for comfort and structure. They are made to wear on the forearm or wrist and will not fit over most women's shoulders.

The lining is a cotton fabric. It has a jet black background with various sized polka dots in lime green, orange, fushia, purple, blue, light pink, yellow and lavender. The two interior pockets are lined with the same fabric and accented with custom silk piping to match the exterior.

Bridget was born on January 13, making her a Capricorn. She is a warm-hearted idealist who can be found scouting out flea marts and craft bazaars on her weekends. She loves sushi and micro brews. I know she would look great on YOUR arm!

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