Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Queen of my domain!

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Today I spent most of the day reorganizing my sewing studio. I have new fabrics on order and have to find someplace to put them! I have 5 yard of a luscious silk that should be arriving any day. Mom, this may be the fabric to make your bag out of!

I find that sometimes if the clutter gets TOO out of hand, I completely get "designer's block". But once I de-clutter my space, the ideas usually flow more freely. Anyone else like that???

Monday I finally purchased my domain. I now own! I was working on my site until 2am this morning and back up at 6:30 going at it again. I am using Yahoo to host my site mainly because of the simplicity of using their templates. Not being a computer whiz kid, I decided simple is good! Before I get the site running live, I have got to make some new bags and accessories. Then I have to take some photos. I am still a little weak in this department but have been reading lots of tips on web photos so wish me luck!

I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist (who is that laughing in the corner?) Yes, a bit! But I am bracing myself for the realization that the whole website journey will be a learning experience and a work in progress for quite some time. If I waited until I could set it up perfectly...what would the women of the world do for great handbags in the meantime???

I still have my Etsy store but have been neglecting it I fear. I have really been trying to focus on my wholesale accounts for the past two months so that they never run out of my bags. So because of this, I am doing a lot more sewing and less "interneting".

I am really itching to make a new Diva. I saw a hat the other day in a movie that gave me some inspiration for the details on my next bag. The movie was a bit lame but I guess it wasn't a total waste of time.

Well, it is back to the sweatshop for me. I will let you all know when my new site is up and running.

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