Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back to Work!

So the vacation is over and I am refreshed and energized to get back to sewing! Unfortunately my sewing machine, "Sven", (he's Swedish!)is still in Hilo being serviced until Wednesday so all I can do is some prep work until he is back home. I have a lot of supplies on order that should be here Monday. 100 yards of cotton webbing, 3 bolts of fabric, earring supplies and 10 burlap lentil bags to make some more "vegetarian" bags! I have kimonos to disassemble and some new bag handles to order.

The coffee festival will be here before you know it so I have lots of work to do with both my sewing and my hypertufa projects that I will be featuring on November
15th at Hale Halewai. This should be a great fall for me! I have lots of work to keep me busy!

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