Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time management

Okay, who put my calendar and clock on fast forward? I have so much going on in my life that there seems so little time! I was informed that I got the big order of 225 bags and have been slaving away, trying to stay on top of my projected schedule. Yesterday I purchased 120 yards of aloha fabric and today went back for 100 yards of canvas. I also ordered another 150 yards of cotton webbing which makes about 500 yards in the past 3 months.

When you live on an island there is always so much more to consider when scheduling your time. You see, we could have a tropical storm or hurricane, a strike by workers who ship our goods here or just plain old "Hawaiian Time" service. So with the holidays approaching along with the deadline for my big order, a wise bag maker ensures that she has all her supplies on hand!

Through the years I have discovered a thing or two about myself. I am not the type of gal who thrives on drama or adrenaline. I don't like working "under the gun". I like things to run smoothly and as planned. Don't spring unwelcome surprises on me! I like it when people are true to their word and I don't respond well to someone trying to control me. Cinnamon bears are my favorite candy, Casa Blanca Lilies are my favorite flower and bad hair can ruin my day. It doesn't always work out as planned...but in a perfect "Barb's World" that is what you would see. Ah...peace, birds chirping and the sound of Sven humming my favorite tune. ( you girls do know Sven by now, right?) So with all that in mind, I do try to plan my schedule and even prepare for the unexpected. For instance, Menehune Man is sick. Usually that means that in a week or so...I will be sick! So this week I am working OT to cut out linings and coffee bags. I look at MM with his feverish face and can't help but think....OMG, he's had a high fever for 2 days already...I have no time for that kind of sick..(in the event that I get sick)...I have bags to make! So it really is all about time management....

Just a note for anyone who may be wondering if I am still sticking to my Weight Watchers...
Yes, I am. I have lost 10lbs so far. I am really doing it differently this time in hopes that I will be more successful at keeping the LBs off. But thanks for caring....

Now back to the sweat shop!

a hui hou

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