Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another day in Hawaii

This morning I had the joy of driving up to Holualoa to make a delivery of bags. Would someone please remind me to take my camera next time? Some of the things I saw were reminders of just how unique this beautiful place is that I call home. So here is my attempt at a verbal scrapbook:

Holualoa is a sleepy little town smack dab in the heart of coffee country. As I drove up the narrow winding road I avoided some wild turkeys and got behind a truck with a guy sitting in the back of the bed. As I got closer, I saw that there was a huge dead wild pig lying next to him. The hunting dogs were looking mighty proud, too!

Then up a little further there was a sign that read, "Yard Sale"....but there was no yard there! It was simply the side shoulder of the road and some people decided it was a grand spot to have their "yard sale". It cracked me up! there was the armoire, recliner, just didn't happen to be in their yard! :)

Around the next curve in the road I saw a mango tree so burdened with beautiful mangoes hanging from it like beads of water about to drop. A reminder that mango season is upon us! Who says we don't have seasons??? We have whale season, mango season, avocado season, Jacaranda season, Night Blooming Cereus season, Royal Poinciana season.....How lucky are we to have SO MANY seasons!

Across the road I observed a young woman prepping the side of the road to set up her coffee stand. I see her there often, usually with her small child, but today she was alone and sweeping the roadway with a primitive looking broom like I saw in Thailand.

A bit further, I see a little girl of about 4 years old, proudly mounted on a strawberry roan. I love that kind of horse! She was with an adult and it looked like they were about to make some memories of their own. She was so cute with her little legs barely able to hug into the horse. She was wearing a pink bicycle helmet. Safety first!

Once I arrived at the Pacific Islands Gallery, I had the honor to meet a couple who had been admiring my work and came back to see my latest bags. They were from Indiana and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying their vacation.

It was a beautiful day and what a treat to be able to invigorate all of my senses! But next time...I need to bring my camera!

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Mom said...

Thanks for the beautiful "day trip" on your beautiful Island! Wish I could have been there in person.