Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching up

Well, another day is coming to a close. I've turned the sewing machine off and unplugged the iron. (double checking....yep! its unplugged!) Sitting back and feeling pretty good about all that I accomplished today. *sigh*...Excuse me while I pat myself on the back!

Business has just been incredible! I was chatting with my fabric rep over on Oahu this week and she was lamenting how so many of her customers are still really feeling the crunch of the economy. I feel blessed because here at Sasaki Bags, things are exploding. I get on the average, 2-3 inquiries a week from stores that want to carry my bags. I have had to create a file with contact information so that in the event any of my current accounts fold, I have backups. But that file is getting pretty thick!

Recently, I have been enjoying having my customers find me via facebook. A few of the gals have even given me a call and chatted at length. I love it when they realize that there is a REAL person behind the name! I love connecting with people. Just this week, women from Idaho, Georgia and California have picked up the phone and called me! Thank you!

The new Kona Mountain Coffee store opened in Waikiki yesterday. It is a large store about the size of my house! Not huge...but large enough! I am truly appreciative that I am included as part of their ohana (family). I have been providing bags to their store for 3 years now (almost) and have been enjoying the fruits of their expansion to the outer islands. They have also been so supportive of me during this time that I need to be with my family more. It just doesn't get better than that!

So that is the news from "the rock". Just working hard to make my dreams come true and enjoying the journey!

a hui hou

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