Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sasaki Bags has a new mascot

Who could resist a face like that? This little guy showed up at my 14 year old cat's bowl a month ago and has decided to call us his family. Menehune Man gets a kick out of him, for a guy who doesn't like "kids or cats"! In fact, MM even named him! It's official! Meet "Shiro", which means "white" in Japanese. The kitten looks to be part siamese but his tips are sort of orange with some stripes on his tail. He has the bluest of blue eyes and has stolen my heart. But he is still very wild. I don't think he had any human contact before pilfering Shima's food. I am determined to tame him though. So whenever he eats, I sit very close to him so that he can get used to me being there and trust me. Last night he did take some tuna from my fingers but usually he is just so skiddish that if you flinch he goes running! Patience....not my most developed of virtues!
Yesterday I was outside cutting fabric and he stayed close by. He still has that cute kitten "mew". My poor old cat has been surprisingly tolerant of this new kid in town. In the beginning he could have killed him as I have seen him take on rats that size! Shiro was trying to nurse on the skin that hangs on Shima...and that didn't go over very well! Shiro goes tearing through the yard and running up trees with all the energy of a kitten, and Shima just looks at him as if he were crazed!
Shima is still king of the house though. The new wild baby needs to come a long way before he will be welcome to wander my halls. It is kind of fun having a "kid" around again though.
a hui hou

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