Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sasaki Bags looking ahead

Here at Sasaki Bags, I am having such a great time finishing up some big orders, taking new orders for the holidays and looking ahead to even more exciting things to come. I have already booked a few corporate orders for the incentive group season in 2011 and with eight stores now carrying Sasaki Bags, I stay busy enough to keep out of trouble!

At the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, on November 13, at the Old Airport in Kona, I will be releasing my "Aunty Tutu" bag. I have now made a few of them, tweaked some things here and there and am ready to unleash my new gal. It is a large bag. I used mine as a carry-on while traveling to Idaho recently, which allowed me to see what worked and what needed to be tweaked. It fits perfectly underneath the airplane seats when laid flat. The only thing missing on this bag is WHEELS! ha! While rushing through San Francisco airport, that idea did cross my mind!

I am also ordering some leather that I will be working with. My vision is to add leather bottoms and feet to some of my bags. (Mom, I have a purple lambskin hide that I am eyeing! Hmmm, who would like that? Any ideas?) Having never sewn on leather, it may take me awhile to get proficient at it so that it is "boutique-worthy. Max is sitting here just waiting to be put to work!

And what about next year? Well, I plan to keep on working my buns off, and refine some of the design ideas I have been playing with. It also may be time to look for some more outside help, (keeping in mind my word of the year this year: Balance) even if it is just with cutting out bags and linings. This bag maker just can't do it all and keep up with the demand! And I'm sure that Menehune Man would appreciate me not cracking the whip on his days off from his other job!

So, there you have it! Right now, I am just taking a deep breath and hoping to survive the holidays. I believe I surpassed my 2010 goal this week, but haven't done an actual tally. I will let you know.

a hui hou

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