Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New design

What would it be like to work a 5 day work week?  Hmmm....But when you do what you love, are you really working?  I have been trying a new schedule lately.  I "work" 6 days a week and on the 7th day, I let myself make whatever I want to.  It is my version of a "day off".  So although I may have projects that I am working on, I really need to allow myself the time to "create".  Otherwise my ideas stagnate and I become a factory instead of a designer.  If you are one of the gals waiting on her bag, I'm sorry, but this is really something I need to do.  I promise to finish them all in the order that they were taken!

This week on my "day off" I was working on a new clutch design.  All of my boutiques that I sell to keep saying that they want clutches!  Yet, when I polled my facebook friends, the majority want a shoulder strap.  Go figure!  It may have something to do with the age group.  Most of my FB friends (34%) are 50 and over.  That is basically ME!  So I have been trying to think outside of my box and putting myself in the mindset of a 20-30 something gal, I came up with a new design.  It is very angular.  Much like the skinny girls I imagined carrying it!  ha!  I just won't copy other bag makers (intentionally). So I really wanted to try something a bit different. 

To keep everyone happy, (I've been trying to do this all of my life!) I added an O-ring on each side so  that the bag can have a shoulder strap OR remove it and attach a wrist strap....or not.  This bag is sturdy and padded.  As I went along, by my 3rd bag I added on piping and some fun lining.  But now I am in a quandry over , "should I sell the bag as a clutch and offer the shoulder strap as an extra?  or should I charge a bit more and include both a wrist strap AND and shoulder strap?"  Oh, my! 

Then after all that was said and done, I was sorting out some of my stash and came across my "bin-o-feathers" from when I was making my diva bags, which I haven't done for a very long time.  So I got this wild feather up my....uh...nose and thought...."why not?".  I love contrast so did something a bit daring and added some feathers to my burlap bag.  What do you think? 

It is a bit sassy, like me but even MM likes it!  But then, MM even likes that I'm sassy!  You can't beat that!  The backside of the bag still boasts "100% Hawaiian" so I'm not getting TOO serious with my design.  However, I did start thinking of this angular design done in silk or even a kimono silk with or without feathers.....  Maybe I need to take 2 days a week for myself!  But for now...its back to my sweat shop. 

It even stands up and celebrates the life of a "Couch Potato"!

a hui hou