Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hawaiian Pueo, the Newest Bag from Kauai Coffee

I have been waiting since August for the new 2014 bag for Kauai Coffee.  In September I was notified that somehow the shipment of several 1000 bags got wet on its ocean journey from India or where ever they had them printed up and they arrived all moldy and totally unusable.  But this week I got a call from the girls there saying the new bags have finally arrived!  (yippee!)  It is always fun to get to work with a new bag.  This bag is very special in many ways.  First off, the graphic is really nice!  My imagination is skipping around thinking of the different parts and elements of the graphic that I will be able to use.  But the Pueo is very special in Hawaiian culture.   It is viewed as a protector and as an 'aumakua in some families.

Besides the symbolism and legends associated with this beautiful brown owl a common term you will hear in Hawaii is that of people working the "Pueo shift".  Well, lets just say, it sounds a whole lot better than the "Graveyard Shift".  It is the shift of "the night owl".

Once I finish up working on my current orders, I look forward to staying up late myself and being a Pueo of sorts while making purses and totes with this new great looking bag.

Thanks for following my journey.

a hui hou

PS....for some reason, my computer is not allowing me to upload photos currently to my blog but you can see a photo of the Pueo bag on my Facebook page,

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