Monday, September 8, 2008

A new market tote

This bag will be your answer to "paper or plastic?"! It is a large tote designed to conveniently carry your groceries home in. It measures 10" x 12" and is 8 " tall. Much like the size of the hand-carry baskets available in most grocery stores.

The handles are brown cotton webbing and are approximately 22" long.

The exterior is a recycled burlap lentil bag.
The front says, "Easy Cooking Lentils.
The back says, "Rumba brand"
On the bottom it says, "(S)pokane Seed Com(pany)

The interior is an Amy Butler cotton print. It has vibrant colors including orange, fushia, chartreuse, blues and brown. It nicely compliments the red and orange print on the outside of the bag.

There is a 10" x 12" removable board on the bottom of the bag for support to carry your heaviest groceries.

This bag folds flat for storage.

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