Monday, September 29, 2008

Shhh! Its a Surprise!

Okay, I have told my sister NOT to look at my blog for awhile because I am posting photos of my "Signature Bag". You see, every designer must have a "signature bag" but me...with my warped sense of humor decided to make it a play on words. I actually sign my signature bag and invite everyone else to as well by including a set of mini sharpies!

My sis is taking a "trip of her lifetime" soon for a "significant" birthday. I have made this bag especially for her so that she can take along the well wishes of her friends and family to Greece with her. And while there, I hope she collects signatures of all the amazing people she will undoubtedly attract. Adore your cab driver? Ask him to sign the bag. Love your cruise director? "oh please, may I have your autograph?" Was your waiter charming? You get the idea! I have started my sis off by writing some of her favorite quotes along the gusset of this bag. Then I shipped it off and had several family members sign it as well. For her bag I lined it with a Scorpion fabric because she is a Scorpio. For your bag, let me pick a fabric lining that will tell the world a little about you. Are you a secretary? Maybe the "post it note" fabric would be fun! Love to travel? Have a unique hobby? I love a challenge!

Who else would love this bag? It could be a "Birthday Bag", a "Bon Voyage Bag", a bag for a woman going through chemo or a divorce....guaranteed to bring a smile to her face everytime she reads the positive affirmations you will write on it. This bag makes a wonderful going away gift...why not have everyone in the office sign it?! Know a graduate? Forget the yearbook signing! Have your friends sign your handbag that you can carry with you for years!

This bag is also a blank canvas for the artists amongst us. It can be your very own "doodle bag" to show off your own works of art.

I just love this bag because it is fun and will start conversations with people. I hope you do too!


Angela said...

Barb! I love it! I am always so amazed and impressed at your awesome imagination, creativity and talent! You've done it again!

Mimi said...

You are amazing! Your sister is going to just love this, I am sure! You are so creative, a great designer. You will go far.

Jodi said...

I am going to have to stop looking at your blog and website, Barb, as it is hazardous to my pocket book! The bags you come up with are so awesome! I bought Christmas presents last year, and I foresee more THIS year. The Signature Bag is just awesome. What a great gift for a parting co-worker, special friend, etc. Keep up the great work!!