Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Signature Bag

I have a customer who is a travel agent. Her secretary is leaving so she ordered one of my signature bags to have all the girls in the office sign as a memorable send off. Had I had more time, I could have special ordered some fun themed fabrics, but I couldn't risk ordering something from the mainland and missing my deadline. So I decided on this beautiful Amy Butler print to line the bag with.

I added to the whole "travel agency" idea by making her a tissue tote out of a Rand McNally map. And to go one step further, I got a map of the location of the travel agency, laminated it and sewed it to a key fob. A heart shaped split ring was attached and I hung it from the decorative swivel hook along with the sharpies for signing! I thought it would be a fun little addition and it will remind this gal that she can always find her way back "home".

I am a busy girl these days with no let up in sight! But I am loving it and doing what I enjoy. What more can a girl ask for?

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