Thursday, November 13, 2008

A New Diva - Maeva

Gee, it has been a really long time since I brought a new Diva into the world! I think the last one was...May or June! But today I took a break from burlap and decided I could not keep my hands off of the new silk that arrived this week. So today, November 13, 2008, help me welcome Maeva!

The fabric I used to create Maeva, is a gorgeous irridescent kelly green silk. Infact that is why I decided on an Irish name for her. Maeva (May-vuh) is an old Irish name meaning "enchanting one". And it won't take more than one look to become enchanted with this gal!

She has one exterior pocket on her backside that is accented with custom piping. When she turns around you get the full picture of her beauty. There are 3 layers of pleats that are topped off with two gold tone metal buttons that look like french knots. The pleated panel lays over a gathering of peacock flue (the hairy part of the peacock feather). These feathers just do not photograph well to do them justice. There are so many colors of irridescence including copper, green, gold, black, and blue. I adore them!

For Maeva's lining I used a colorful paisley cotton in shaded of green. Her two interior pockets are accented with custom green silk piping and self lined with the paisley print.

I made her handles a bit longer than on some of my wristlets, but she is still a wristlet, not a shoulder bag!

Maeva is a Scorpio and true to her sign, she is passionate and bold. Determination and will power are two of her strongest traits. When you want to accomplish big things, have Maeva by your side!

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