Sunday, February 15, 2009

Now selling on 3 Hawaiian islands!

Friday I shipped off the initial order to the Hawaii State Art Museum Gift Shop or HiSAM as they call it. Here are some of the bags.

Last week I got a shipment of bags from Kauai too. I hope to get their bags finished by this weekend.

And on the homefront...
I am just keeping my head down and my foot on the treadle. finish one bag, start another! I did take a couple breaks this week though. Tuesday I did go get a massage and see the chiropractor. Then I came home, loaded a cooler with refreshments and headed to the beach. There was a huge pod of dolphins swimming by and I saw a couple of whales. My favorite season! Whale Season!

Then for Valentine's Day, Earl and I went on a nature hike with Hawaii Forest and Trails. We did the Holoholo Hualalai trek in a Pinzauer. Our guide, Bob, was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and respectful of the Hawaiian people who gave permission for their company to take groups onto the mountain's sacred areas. He also knew all the legends and folklore to share about many plants and their association with Goddess Pele. It made it fun and interesting. We rapelled down a lava tube and just had a nice morning. Then that evening, Earl cooked for me. We went to Costco and bought 3lbs of king crab legs....not knowing just how much crab meat that was! We also had filet mignon, seaweed salad, baguettes and baked brie! Oh and did I mention champagne??? My diet, I fear was no where in sight! Tomorrow is Monday! *sigh*

We took our walk tonight on the beach and tomorrow I must find time to walk as well or else that Valentine's dinner will be with me longer than I would like!

Off to bed so I can work the sweat shop tomorrow.
a hui hou!

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