Tuesday, February 10, 2009

99 Sasaki Bags on the wall, 99 Sasaki Bags.....

Remember that old song we used to sing in the car that drove mom and dad crazy! 99 bottles of beer on the wall...99 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall. One beer at a time....That is the philosophy of how I am reaching my goal. No! not a drinking goal! A sewing goal!

I am doing quite well with my goal of sewing 90 bags a month this year. Infact, since my last posting here two weeks ago, I have sewn 48 more bags. Most of which are already gone! sold! history! ka-put! The retail store that I sell to here in Kona has just been going crazy. My business has doubled with them since the same time last year. I am just hoping that my customers don't find out that we are in a recession! Shhhh! Its our little secret!

I have also agreed to see how my bags will sell at the Hawaii State Art Museum's Gift Shop. They found me on Etsy and they have placed a small order so we can both see how it works for us. It is in downtown Honolulu. I do anticipate heavy sales there, but time will tell.

I also have some gorgeous paintings by Stephanie Bolton here in my studio, waiting my inspiration. I just can't rush with those. They are so special that I have to take my time and put a lot of thought into each of those bags. I will get atleast one finished this month. The power of determination!

My sister has been reminding me lately about taking care of ourselves. It is important to make a commitment to yourself. If we don't make a commitment to care for ourselves, how do you expect anyone else to? It is okay to have some "all about me" time. Infact it is healthy!

With all that said, I am taking a well deserved day off today! I have an appointment with Dr. Stanley, my chiropractor, and Kim my masseuse for this morning! I may even end up on a beach after that! Just taking a little day off to take care of ME, regroup and do a little day-dreaming.

Have a great day!
a hui hou


wildflowr said...

WOW, Barb- 90? That's amazing. Maybe I should get you to teach me how to sew so I can help out.
I am still waiting on that fabric I ordered to arrive- it is taking SO long!
I also want you submit some work to Somerset haute Bags magazine. Please do it! They NEED you!

Amanda said...

Adore the Hula Daddy bag! If you ever make another one, I totally call dibs on it!

Sasaki Creations said...

email me at SasakiCreations@aol.com so that I can get your contact information. I just purchased 20 bags from Hula Daddy and will be starting production in the near future. Let me know what color of lining you would like and what style. the shoulder bag or the market tote.
thanks for stopping by