Tuesday, March 31, 2009

another month

If I remember correctly, March came in like a lion as far as my sales and orders go and have remained true to that course all month. I finished off today, the last day of March with two Etsy sales. My total bags made this month came to 104. So I am a bit ahead of schedule still. Having "menehune man" has sure helped with production. He has about 40 tote linings all sewn together for me. I cleaned out a dresser and now have them all neatly lined up in there patiently waiting for me to make the bags for them.

My daughter arrives in 11 days. I am so excited. It has been almost two years since I got to hold her and see her face to face. She just turned 28 but she will always be my baby girl! I plan to take some R&R while she is here so that I can just spend time with my kid and her hubby, Kurt. That means that I have to sew up a storm between now and then so that all my accounts are full and I don't have to sew while they are here. I have about 30 bags on order right now and my etsy store only has one shoulder bag left in it....so I plan to work some very long days starting tomorrow.

But for right now...I think it is time to go to bed. April is just two hours away...and I have a full month ahead of me!

a hui hou

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