Monday, April 6, 2009

this and that

It is only April 6th and I have sewn 50 bags this month already! Today I even made a "P.Beary" which made his debut at Christmas time. It is a stuffed teddy bear that is made from a coffee bag (what else?!) and is a little play on the word "Peaberry" which makes an exquisite coffee. He is so cute! But I keep forgetting to get a photo of one. This little guy is down at the Kona Mountain Coffee retail store already.

Only 5 more days til my kid gets here. Who me? Excited? I have decided to sew my heart out until Thursday or Friday and then just have a massive clean up effort. I just hope the kids don't have any allergies to...burlap! You know how quaint bed and breakfasts have all their rooms named? There will be the Hibiscus room, and the Jacaranda suite...etc. Well, I have officially dubbed my guest room "the Burlap Room". At one time I had it fixed up so lovely for the handful of guests who have ever stayed there. But in the past year, it has become my room to store atleast 80-100 burlap coffee and potato bags at any given time. Most of these are in bins, all labeled and stacked alphabetically by farm. How very organized of me! *patting self on back*

I have a lot going on business-wize this week as well. Friday I mailed off my licensing agreement that I entered into with the State of Idaho to use their trademark in the production of my "Haute Potato" bags. I am really excited about this opportunity because at this point in time I am the ONLY person licensed to use it to make handbags. I am looking at expanding into a couple of locations in Idaho. With how busy I am right now, I am not sure when this will materialize, but it is a goal I am working towards. Or, will be after I get my documents in hand from Idaho.

Also the Hawaii Fashion Incubator is coming to Kona this week and I have been invited to attend their VIP meeting at Mixx Bistro Friday. There will be representatives from the media and the Hawaii fashion industry present.(no we don't all wear muumuu's) They are also having a "green market" on Saturday that I was encouraged to have a booth at, but ...did I mention that my daughter is coming Saturday?! One of the wonderful things about having your own business is that you CAN actually put your family first. There is no way that I would miss picking her up Saturday! There were many years when my kids were little that I didn't always feel I had that luxury. If work called, I had to go!

Speaking of "having to go"....I have to get back to "work" right now....
a hui hou

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