Saturday, April 25, 2009


After laboring for several hours yesterday, the world now has a new Diva to welcome. Her name is Loretta and she is stunning! Born on April 24, she is a Taurus. She is feminine and witty; always there to share in the celebrations of your life but strong and supportive throughout the speed-bumps life throws before you. Though draped in basic black, Loretta isn't very conservative. She definately makes a statement when entering a room. But she is dependable and will be a loyal friend.

She is crafted from black dupioni silk and lined with a slinky black and white polka dot fabric. Has anyone noticed that I love polka dots? I just feel that they offer a bit of whimsy to an otherwise elegant bag. And girls, lets not be guilty of taking ourselves too seriously!

Loretta is crowned with a ring of airy black feathers. She also has a beautifully embossed 24kt gold plated button that is strictly for looks. A bit of jewelry, you might say! Not everything has to be functional! This gal also has 2 interior and 2 exterior pockets for all your girly needs.

If you would like to take Loretta home with you, contact Janet Lipps up in Holualoa at the Pacific Islands Gallery (808-324-7866). Loretta will be staying with Janet until someone takes her home with them.


MS Handbags said...

Great bag! I love the shape and the trim. I tried to make something similar a while ago but couldn't conquer the style. So lovely.

Sasaki Creations said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Believe me, I have had my share of "duds" that never made it to the Diva category! I saved some of my first bags just to see how my work has progressed through time. Its fun to look back with mild embarrassment.