Monday, May 4, 2009

My Bolton-Sasaki Bag

It was brought to my attention that I failed to post photos of my own Bolton-Sasaki Bag. So here she is! I love this bag. Stephanie painted me a beautiful pic of a local woman with a cup of Kona coffee, wearing a head lei and showing off her Hawaiian tattoo! Have I raved before about how well Stephanie does eyes? Well, I think that is her claim to fame in my book.

I used a couple of different bags to make the exterior out of. I utilized a Country Samurai bag that says 100% Kona Coffee and also a Kona Coffee Farmers bag that says 100% Kona guaranteed. The interior lining looks like you are looking smack dab inside of a bag of roasted coffee. MMMMM the aroma! I put magnetic snaps on both exterior pockets and as an interior closure. Two of the interior pockets have velcro closures.

I have been using this bag daily for a month now and it wears beautifully. I like to remind my customers that it is an original work of art so it may be best used as an "occasion" bag....but my true feeling is LIFE IS SHORT! Carry beautiful things with you...enjoy art and the feeling of joy it brings you.

If any of my customers have photos they would like to share with me of them and their bags....what cha waiting for? email them to me at and I will put them in this blog. There are over 1000 of you out don't be shy! I would love to see them!

a hui hou


wildflowr said...

Well, I agree- I wear mine everywhere but no worries about beating it up: if it starts getting worn out, the artist is always happy to touch up your painting personally if need be!

Miss Gina Designs said...

Very, very nice! Great bag!!