Monday, May 18, 2009

Butterfly Obi Yoga Mat Bag

Yesterday I worked on this new yoga mat bag...yes, it seems I am obsessed with my new bag design. This one started out as a gorgeous obi with flowers and butterflies on it. I used that for the front of the bag and embellished it with purple dupioni silk and lime green piping. The back of the bag is black silk from a kimono. It has a beautiful tone on tone pattern that doesn't photograph well, but is luscious in person! I also embellished the back with more of the purple silk and green piping. That is where I hide all of the extra structural support also. The straps that the D rings are sewn onto are not only stitched to the silk but are reinforced with canvas under the silk. I tell you, my bags are just like us, girls! We rely on spanx and other unseen devices to make us look smooth and sleek and keep us from falling apart!

This bag has a plastic comfort slide on the shoulder strap, with an adjuster so you can carry this bag however is most comfortable for you. There are 8 large brass grommets that the 1/4" black cording is threaded through at the top of the bag.

The interior is black bull denim canvas.

This beautiful gal is named "Tomei". She was born May 18 which makes her a Taurus. She is a sensuous woman who comes across as quiet and reserved. You will never hear Tomei complain! She believes that hard work and determination will take her places, which is a good thing because she definately has a taste for finer things like art and music. Tomei is gentle by nature and a joy to be around.

Back to the sweat shop!

a hui hou


Mimi said...

I beleive this is my favorite! You amaze me!!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm just in the process of designing and having manufactured some new wooden handles.

I love your bags! Just gorgeous!