Saturday, August 1, 2009

A good day...

Do you ever have a day that just feels good? I had one today. Menehune man and I got up and went to the Keauhou Farmers Market this morning just to set the pace for the day.

Then I needed to drive up to Holualoa to see Janet Lipps at the Pacific Islands Gallery and replenish her stock of purse hooks and Kimono Keys. I hadn't seen Janet for a couple of months so it was nice reconnecting. She has done such a beautiful job with staging her gallery. It just looks "alive". It doesn't hurt that she has a special corner dedicated to Sasaki Bags! I can't tell you how that feels to walk into a gorgeous art gallery and see your own works there! Is it possible to feel both humbled and gratified at the same time? If so, I was.

Today was also the first Saturday of the month which is also known as my "Stitch and Bitch" day. I have a close group of women that include me in their circle. We are sisters of a sort...brought together by a common bond of sewing...but then we dove deeper and found other things that bind us. These are the gals I will probably rely on in dark times...and laugh with on the brightest of days. Most of us met via buying our machines years ago at a local Viking sewing store. For us it was "the corner bar" where everyone knew your name. It was owned by a kind and quiet man named Ed who passed away due to ALS. We took classes together or would just meet up to chat or "show and tell" about the projects we were working on. They inspire me on days that I don't feel creative.

One of our gals has a sister who was recently diagnosed with cancer and is having chemo treatments. She lives on the mainland and none of us know her. But today, this great group of women worked on a simple project to send some Aloha to "Mary". I donated one of my autograph bags and brought in a couple of books with quotes. Everyone, signed the bag and we wrote encouraging, funny and supportive words all over the bag. I hope she will like it.

After leaving my girlfriends, it was "family dinner night" with Earl's family. We all got together at his mom's house and had a nice dinner and visited. It helps me to do this since my own family is so very far away.
So in the end, it was just a good day. Nothing outlandishly special. But time with my husband, time with my girlfriends, and family. Can't beat that....with a stick!

a hui hou

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