Friday, July 31, 2009

The end of July already!

Where did it go? Its been a month already since our anniversary trip over to Volcano. And as you can see, I haven't even posted much on my blog this month. I've been sewing. Big surprise, right? Kauai has been eating up my "Big Kahuna" bags at Palm Palm. I think I have sent about 16 of them over just this month. These are BIG bags! Marjorie's new store will be opening on August 21 so I will make sure she has a fresh supply for her grand opening.
I also did a redesign on my market tote as an alternative. I made it so it can have a drawstring and be cinched up. The idea actually came from a customer over on Kauai who was talking to Marjorie about the possibilities. I am working on getting my costs down and still use the designer fabrics I love.

I reconnected with a customer of mine in North Carolina who has a store in a 200 year old building. She has started selling my bags again there at Dwelling in Greensborro, NC.

Last night I got my hair cut and my fabulous hairdresser, Amber Savant, said she has an idea for a future trunk show opportunity for me. That is something I have been interested in pursuing so it sounds like fun!

My going pretty good. I lost a little over 2lbs last week. Menehune Man helped me pull my "Total Gym" out from under the bed in the "burlap room" and got it set up for me. My arms are a little sore today, but it feels good.

Today I worked on about 30 tote bags and got the exteriors all done. I like to work assembly line fashion when I am making the same thing over and over again. It takes the thinking out of it.

Thats about it from Kona. Just working hard and staying busy.

a hui hou

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