Sunday, July 19, 2009


I love Sundays! Menehune Man and I got up and went down to Kona Mountain coffee bright and early for a large dose of caffeine and we worked on our crossword puzzles. I had to check on my stock of bags there and saw that this week the market totes have been popular. They also can't keep the teddy bears in stock that I lovingly named "P. Beary" after the premium coffee bean 'peaberry'. So, it helps me to plan out my week.

I also got an email from Marjorie Desouza at Palm Palm on Kauai. The bags that I shipped out two days ago have all sold out already! She said she could have sold 15 more today if she had them in stock. This is the bag that is sold exclusively to her and no place else (which is what exclusively means, Barb!) and it isn't cheap. I am not positive of her final pricing but I know it is around $120.

I drove up to Holualoa today and stopped at the Hula Daddy farm to purchase more coffee bags from Karen and Lee. They have such a beautiful farm with a panoramic ocean view from their visitor center. While I waited for Karen to finish up a tour I helped myself to a little Hula Daddy dark roast. So good that I didn't even need cream and sugar!

After lunch I sewed two shoulder bags for Kauai coffee and then started on more bags for Palm Palm. Before I knew it, the day had started slipping away so I figured I better clean up my space so I can start the work week tomorrow in a tidy environment. Sometimes it helps me to think more clearly when my space is clean. I even cleaned up the "burlap room". Wow! ambitious!

This week I decided to expand my use of the word "Haute" to include not just my "Haute Potato" bags but...why not "Haute Coffee"? I can't remember why it suddenly came to me but it cracked me up so....I think it will stick!

I have a meeting this week with one of the hotels to discuss selling my bags to groups as an amenity. They already have my catalog with photos and bag descriptions. I am also offering a line sheet with items that I can fill the bag with. There is a large group coming in November that has samples and I am hoping they place an order. It would be for 200 bags! I wish it wasn't right during Xmas season...but bagmakers can't be choosers! I will work it out.

Menehune man cut out about 40 omiyages for me today before he left for work. So I am ready to sew! But for now, I think I will go to bed. Morning comes early to the sweat shop!

a hui hou

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