Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another week

Wow, time is sure slipping away. It will be Christmas rush before I know it. Today I went to town to buy a few beads at Pikake Beads in Kona to hang from my yoga mat bags, and realized this was the day of the monthly block party in Kona. What a nice surprise! A couple of my friends, the Caputos were having a booth to sell Bobbie's artwork and there were lots of other vendors. Bobbie Caputo is a super talented artist who paints from her childhood memories growing up on a coffee farm. She uses bright colors and each painting isn't complete until she personally tells you the story behind it! Very fun! She is thinking of writing a book and illustrating it with her paintings to tell the story of Kona Coffee Farms of old...before the story is lost. It was a nice mix at the block party...but lots of touristy things. A little too much aloha fabric for my taste!

I am considering buying booth space because I think people would notice the quality difference in my bags compared to others. There were other bags there for $25...and if you just want a tote...they were of fine quality. But lets face it...they weren't Sasaki Bags! I do not say that to be rude or mean. It is just that my customers have come to expect details on my bags in the form of piping, key fobs, pockets, designer fabrics or magnetic snaps. My bags do cost more than that....some of them even cost ME more than that to make! I use heavy-duty webbing instead of the limper cotton webbing. I reinforce where needed and add hardware just to make it look nice!

I got a call from a friend of mine tonight. She was the person who about 5 years ago started encouraging me to get a business license and GO FOR IT! What a nice surprise to hear her voice. She was telling me that the Saturday after Thanksgiving, there is a craft fair up in Hawi...which is one of my favorite local yocal towns up north. That would be fun!

So many options...and yet today....I can't seem to get motivated to even turn "Sven" on! (that is what I call my Swedish sewing machine for those of you who may be dropping in for the first time) I have been putting in 12 hour days sewing and maybe I just need a little break tonight. So I went to the farmers market and bought some healthy veggies that I steamed up for dinner. Fresh broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and she threw in a ripe avocado for free. Can't beat that!

I started Weight Watchers this week. I haven't told anyone yet....for fear of failure I guess. But since I hurt my foot, I have put on some weight and just need a little encouragement. I had Menehune Man drag my "total gym" out from under the bed in the "burlap room" and really am trying to work on this. I knew I was out of control when I heard myself telling a girlfriend, "I sure hope nobody dies in the near future....because I have nothing that fits me!". Said as a joke....but I was kind of serious! And then my sister keeps reminding me that one of these days Oprah may just call and how would I explain to her that "I can't be on your show right now...because I am too fat! " Oddly enough, I think that if anyone would understand...Oprah would!

With that thought...I think I will sign off and continue enjoying the rest of the evening with no expectations or goals other than to maybe take a bath!

a hui hou

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