Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Process...

Want to see something really scary? I just decided to show you what I am doing today. I am working on a new yoga mat bag so I dug into my silk stash and started matching up some fabrics to go with the obi I want to use. It has huge orange camelias on it with turquoise leaves and lime green leaves, metallic gold leaves all on a bronzy colored silk. It is stunning! (and I am not easily stunned! ha!)
I decided to go with a darker blue as the main accent color so that whoever takes this baby home will not be worried about soiling her. Then I started looking for other colors to wrap her in. I chose a nice dark lavender dupioni, a two tone lime/blue dupioni and a two tone irridescent orange/pink dupioni.
This gal is still a work in progress, but she will have a zippered pocket and an adjustable shoulder strap. I haven't yet decided how she will close at the top.....so many options!
In the photos you may notice the can of dust remover.....I was thinking I should just be able to spray a can of that all over my house instead of cleaning! ??!
You also may have gotten a glimpse of a new diva sitting on the purple rat tail cord. This is the stage that many of my divas get to for awhile. I am trying to decide on her handles. I believe I am going to try silken cording with gold tone hardware.....but that is why she is still sitting there....nameless and waiting for me.
Okay...back to the work in progress. Photos later!
a hui hou

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