Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lei Chic

The day before we left for Volcano, I was contacted by Lei Chic, an online fashion magazine. We talked about my bags and "my story" about how I got started etc. and she told me that they would probably be getting back in touch with me after her editor looked over the info. Well...we left for Volcano, I put my Etsy shop on vacation mode which means people can't even view my items. When I got home yesterday, I had 175 new emails....many were from customers who had seen the feature that took place while we were "unplugged". It took about 2 hours to answer all the emails but I appreciate the fact that so many bothered to contact me.

This week I get another chance because it seems that Lei Chic loves my Divas and my Yoga Mat Bags too with the recycled kimono and obis. So they are planning a special feature. I am not sure what day it will go out, but am definately open for business!

Today I made this new yoga mat bag from a child's kimono. It is so colorful! It has peacocks on it that the fanned feathers look like brightly colored hearts. I wish I was a better photographer, because this bag is stunning. I added a hidden zippered pocket for that smoothie money for after yoga!

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How exciting! Congratulations!!