Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Princess Aiko

Can I share something? Well, I piddled around all day working on that yoga mat bag I showed you (below) and after several hours of laboring....please let me introduce one of the most beautiful bags I have ever made! This is Aiko and I named her that because that is the name the proud emperor of Japan named his child. I must believe she is destined for greatness!

In the end, the colors of silk just came together....I changed up a few things...did some ripping out and the final product is just really beautiful.

Here is Aiko's bio:
Aiko was born on July 7, making her a Cancer. She is bold and vivacious. Aiko will always stand up, not only for herself, but for others when she believes in the cause. She is a powerful woman but sensitive to the feelings of her loved ones.

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