Thursday, March 25, 2010

My family has grown!

Last night I finished what ended up being a 2 year labor of love. When I first began making my diva bags, I bought this beautiful obi from a fellow in Kanazawa Japan. It was my first obi and it was so incredibly hard to cut it all up. The fabric is just amazing! At the time I cut most of it into kimono keys but I saved a piece of it and cut it into a handbag. But for some reason, I just couldn't finish this one. I couldn't decide on the lining. The flowers in the silk are such soft tones I was thinking I might find a delicate looking silk to compliment the obi. And then I was looking for some special handles. So she just sat up on my shelf, always in the back of my mind. Yesterday I worked all day on some orders I am trying to complete and then chatted with a girlfriend while I had my dinner. When I got done, I just didn't feel like going back to burlap. So I got out my two big bins of silk. One is full of obis and kimono, the other is predominantly dupioni and Thai silk. I fingered through them, as I so love to do, and was moved to take out a cream colored dupioni silk to use as the lining and a golden bronze silk to make custom piping out of. Since the obi was from Japan, I decided to add a little more international flair to this gal by choosing a golden silk for her straps that I purchased in Bangkok, Thailand at the Jim Thompson silk factory. I have told you before how that is just a piece of heaven for this bag maker!

So in what was only about a little over an hour, I accomplished what I had put off for almost two years. Please help me to welcome Yukiko into the world! Her name is Japanese for "rare child". She is indeed a rare child since there is no other bag in the world that looks like her. She has an abundance of metallic threads, both gold and silver that add a luscious sheen to her "complexion".

Born on March 24th, she is an Aries. Being made from a vintage Japanee obi, Yukiko is respectful of her ancestors and interested in history. Her curiousity abuot the world has lead to many adventures but her favorite place is Hawaii. She is a confident and wise woman, but has been knon for her impulsive nature. Life is never dull with Yukiko as your friend.

Yukiko can be found lounging around the Pacific Islands Gallery in Holualoa, Hawaii on the Big Island until someone takes her home. Stop in and check her out!


Suzanne said...

And very lovely, she is. It really is odd that sometimes seemingly impossible UFOs suddenly come together like that. Well done! A great finish to a productive day.

Sasaki Creations said...

Thanks Suzanne!