Sunday, March 14, 2010

Still working on Balance

Where did this week go to? I did get a lot done but had much more on my list! My biggest accomplishment, however, was finally purging my house of excess junk! Oh sure, there is still more....but back in December when I was trying to clean my house before the new year, I started in the back of the house and went through closets, getting rid of anything that I didn't use, need or love. I kept hauling it all out into the dining room because, well, we don't use that space much for one, and secondly, because it is the closest drop next to the garage where I had intended to hold a garage sale. Please let me repeat that was back in December....3 months ago!

Well, you all know what happened next. I got that order for 100 bags that had to be done in one week and then I just never got caught up so there sat my junk...out in the dining room. Finally on Friday morning this week, I got up early and made my coffee and it hit me! I could not stand to live with that mess any more! Not for even one more day! So I started hauling it all out and pricing it. Priced to sell because I was NOT going to bring that stuff back into my house! I had several boxes of items that were priced by the box! Take the whole box! Fabric, CDs, movies, just take it! I got up early yesterday morning and made my "sale" signs. I drove up to the corner and was placing them when 3 carloads of garage salers spotted my sign and started to follow me! Yikes! I sort of wanted to get to my house before everyone else did! So I let them drive past my street before I put out the next "arrow". Phew! I made it!

As I was walking down my driveway, 5 cars pulled up. This was the busiest garage sale I have ever had! After 3 hours, all I had left was a door, some long flourescent light bulbs and some fabric. I had made a bucket of money and decided that was all the time I had to devote to that. I had some people who wanted to buy just one movie or piece of fabric. "Its priced $10 for the whole box, how much is just one?" My reply was "ten dollars". "But I only want one". "I understand, but I do not want that back in my house. Its a better deal if you take the whole box!" So they did! I sold a huge box of lace curtains for $20

Spending time on things other than my business is all part of my "Balance" goal for this year. Honestly, I am not sure how I found the time to take most of two days to prepare for and to have the garage sale. But it needed to be done. A little Yin with my Yang!

Today we have a guy coming over to give us an estimate to tile our bathroom and shower. We have been without our master bath for about a month now.

This week is going to be marathon sewing days. I have cleared my appointment calendar so that I can just sew and get some more orders shipped out. And with a clean house, I can do that free of any guilt! Balance....balance...balance!

Have a great week!
a hui hou

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Mom said...

Congratulation! That is always such a good feeling. I hope to do that later this spring.