Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally feeling better so made a new bag!

Hi gang!
I have been sick for almost two weeks and haven't felt very creative AT ALL. The doc said it is just a cold (which makes me feel like a whimp!) but I have just been really tired and had a nasty...some would even say "irritating" cough! (sorry honey!) But I must be getting better because yesterday I spent the whole day sewing. I am trying to come up with a new bag. My sweet cousin, Karen, got me to thinking about a slouchy bag out of the coffee bags. After about 12 hours in the studio, I was feeling pretty defeated. It takes a lot of tries to come up with a great new pattern. The one that was created yesterday unfortunately does not fall into that category. But it is all a learning process. Before I could quit for the night I did come up with a twist on the Kainaliu bag though that I DO like. It has more pockets and bigger ones. I also put a cellphone pocket inside for convenience. It has the magnetic snap, cotton webbing strap and I lined it with some palm tree fabric that has been taking up space for a couple of years on my shelves. I need to pack it around and see what works and what doesn't! I like the size of it. It is larger than most my bags and I added a gusset so it holds more than the regular Kainaliu. It measures 16" wide and about 13" tall.

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