Sunday, June 22, 2008

Please give a warm welcome to Olivia!

Let's hear it for my latest Diva! This one is not for sale. It is a gift to a special woman in my mom! This Diva's name is Olivia and she was born on the first full day of summer...June 21. This gal definately has several facets to her personality (purse-onality?). Being born in summer she loves outdoor activities but especially ones that include a beach chair and an umbrella! But note that she is no stranger to the finer things. Her rich purple silk exterior is a hint that she actually descends from royalty. There is one exterior pocket lined with a fun Laurel Burch silk fabric that features chubby cats of bright colors including red, pink, purple, yellow, blue and green. The pocket is accented with custom purple silk piping. Above the pocket, standing guard is a red cat (Laurel Burch) button with purple polka dots and blue whiskers. The interior is the Laurel Burch silk cat fabric again. I wouldn't have been able to use the Laurel Burch fabrics in a bag to sell because all her works are licensed...but as a gift to my mom it was perfect! The straps on this bag are 16" long making Olivia a wristlet. Mom, I know it will take a little getting used to...but it will save your shoulders!

Now a little side note about this bag. I have made over 400 handbags in the past 8 months(all by myself!)But I hadn't made one for my mom yet. I kept looking for the perfect fabric. I ordered some silk a few months ago but it wasn't what I had in mind. My mom's favorite color is purple. So a couple of months ago I got a nice purple dupioni...but I couldn't find something fitting to use for the lining! Finally, almost by accident I found a silk scarf by Laurel Burch on and decided to order it. It was perfect because mom loves cats and this scarf had some pretty colorful cats on it. I cut it up but was short of being able to give her all the pockets I wanted her to have. So production was delayed again! I then went to ebay and found the same scarf from a seller in Hong Kong (less expensive than even with the shipping) so I ordered it and waited....and waited! It took three weeks to arrive. But atlast I had the perfect elements to put together for my mom. You see, my mom is a beautiful woman. She is every bit a "lady", but she also has a fun side as only her close friends could attest to if she hadn't sworn them to secrecy. Mom, I hope you love Olivia and find lots of fun places to take her. She has already been to Hong Kong and California who knows where you two will go next?

PS...I love you. Make sure to look inside because there is an extra gift just for you!

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