Sunday, June 21, 2009

Japanese Evening Bag

I have been wanting to try my hand at making a handbag with the nifty purse frames that are on the market. So I went to the expert, Lisa, over at U-handbags. She really does give great tutorials and also sells the items to make purses. She is, alas, over in the UK...but I did order from her because I have learned many of the techniques I use by reading her blog.

So tonight, the first day of summer, a new Diva was born! I am naming her Natsu, which fittingly means, "Born in Summer".

Natsu is a petite gal. I used an oversized purse frame that extends beyond the bag and doubles as a handle. I did also give Natsu a removable silver-tone chain as well for the girls who like to wear their bags on their shoulder.

I used the silk from two different kimonos to craft Natsu. The exterior is navy blue with silver kanji that says, "wealth and congratulations". Maybe this would be a great gal to take along to Vegas with you!

For the interior, I used a red kimono that has a tone on tone print of floral fans. It is stunning.

There are all sorts of undergarments at work on Natsu, so she will stand on her own.

Being born on July 21, Natsu is a Cancer. She is an intellectual gal but has a big heart. She is the one friends turn to in confidence with their problems because she is both compassionate and realistic. Natsu is a rare find, indeed!

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