Thursday, June 18, 2009

A little Whining...

My favorite "whine" used to be "I want to go to Ha-wa-ii!" *said in a squeaky whiny voice* But for the past 15 years, Hawaii has been my home so I no longer whine about that. Infact, usually there is little I can imagine to whine about...but occasionally we all have pity parties and I am having one so you are all invited!

I have been rolling along for several months enjoying the ride of the success of my bags and all that life has to offer and WHAM! a speed bump! Nobody warned me about the speed bump approaching! It seems I hurt my foot. I went to the doc today and was told that I have Plantar's Fascitis and a possible fracture in my heal that I have to have xrayed tomorrow! Like I have time for that! I have bags to make and orders to fill! My days are planned out in detail so that I can accomplish everything I need to. But I have been ignoring my foot pain for about 3 weeks and it nor the swelling are going I guess speed bumps are there for a reason. Time to slow down for a bit, breathe deep, and let my menehune man cook dinner. Tonight he made spaghetti! Love having a menehune man!

Since this is a pity party....what is YOUR favorite "whine"? Share with me so that I can quit thinking of my silly foot!

I promise to be more positive tomorrow...but for tonight....a little whining...a little wining (cabernet) and watching TV.

a hui hou

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Mimi said...

It is OK to "whine" and also to "wine" once in a while. Both tend to make you feel a little better. Take care of you and hopefully you will feel better soon!