Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Vacation is Here!

The above photo is from a family vacation from 1968. We were visiting an Indian reservation in Montana. Thus the teepee in the background. I am the one on the right...age 7...Oh to have those skinny little legs back! Mom isn't in this one because she is holding the camera!

So June is here. Remember when that meant school was out "for summer"?! *Alice Cooper anyone?* It has been many years....infact, if you are speaking Gettysburg-speak, it has been 1 score and 12 years ago since I left chalk and blackboards behind me.

When my kids were still in school, I loved summer vacation because I got my kids back! It seemed that during the school year they would learn "charming" new things from classmates that didn't make this mamma proud and it would take a few weeks to "unlearn" some of them. I loved having them totally under the influence of MOM! But now, even my youngest has been out of school for 8 years now. In the words of my great grammy Ridenour...."where does the time go?"

With all that being said, what plans do you have for your summer vacation? My 8th wedding anniversary to "Menehune Man", is at the end of this month so we are thinking about where to go...what to do! I would LOVE to go to Molokai, a Hawaiian island neither of us has been to yet... but I am thinking that a stay-cation may be the way to go this year! Perhaps we will go over to Volcano and enjoy the cool higher altitude. It has started off being really hot here this month. I know 89 doesn't sound all that hot if you are in Arizona or Nevada, but consider the humidity, deary!

I also really want to make it out to see my mom and dad before the summer is over. Perhaps Indian summer?

All these thoughts and yet I must reach my goal this month of 90 bags! I am still on track to reach my goal of 1000 bags for the year. I have actually turned down opportunities to sell to new wholesale accounts recently. That was a tough decision but I decided that I want to keep on providing the best service I can to all of my current accounts and make all the bags "in house" and "Menehune Man". Some days I feel like I am walking a tight-rope....balancing my retail and wholesale orders...trying to grow my business yet keep from becoming overwhelmed. It really is tough! But I am doing what I love and I believe that it will all work out.

Can you believe that I am already thinking of Christmas? I know that by June 1st, I have to start working on preparing stock for Christmas orders and for the Kona Coffee Festival which is in November. Last year was a real wakeup call! I had to stop taking orders by November 1st that needed to be finished by Xmas because I had so many requests! I plan to be more prepared this year!

I hope you have started your summer plans. It seems to slip away so fast. I would love to hear what plans you have.

a hui hou

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Mimi said...

Sounds like you have a busy summer planned. I hope that you and your husband get to spend some quiet time together for your anniversary. Visiting your parents, I am sure would be much appreciated. You sound like a VERY loving Daughter and I am sure your parents love you very much!
As for us, I think our garden will keep us busy. We also plan to travel to visit my husband's brother and have a belated memorial service for their Mother.
Summer is short where we live so we try to enjoy every day!