Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Molokai

One of the great places on Moloka'i is the Kualapuu Cook House. It is very near to Coffees of Hawaii and a "must do" for dinner on a Thursday night because that is when they have live music! We chose to sit outside on the picnic tables so we could enjoy the music. They have a BYOB policy there so customers are seen with their coolers, enjoying a bottle of wine or a 6 pack of beer. My dinner was fabulous! I had the opakapaka that was sauteed perfectly and had a del-ish sauce. Dinner began with a nice salad and then was served with baked potato and vegies. Yum!

Have you read the stories about Kalaupapa? I bought a book at Kalele Bookstore on Moloka'i that had excerpts of letters parents had written to Father Damien to inquire about their children who had been forced to live in exile for fear they had Leprosy. I can't even imagine such a thing!Some parents, if they were allowed to, chose to live in exile as "helpers" to aid their own children or other Leprosy patients. The life was very difficult and lonely. I highly recommend reading about it before you visit the area. It heightens your appreciation of the island. I also learned a few things (thats always a good thing!)
1 out of 500 people on earth have leprosy.
The name of the disease was not changed to Hansen's disease until the doctor (Dr. Hansen) discovered the cure.
The disease is not contagious once you are being treated.
It does not cause your extremities to fall off but at times they must be amputated.
Most patients with leprosy just want it to be known that "they are not a disease". Don't call them "lepers"! Anymore than you would call a cancer patient "cancers". They are "leprosy patients". A people who suffer with a disease....not the disease itself. This photo was taken from above the settlement of Kalaupapa from the lookout.
And here is an ironwood forest on the walk to Phyallic Rock. It is near the Kalaupapa lookout, just up the road from Coffees of Hawaii. It was so peaceful there.

Now don't you just want to go to Moloka'i? All these photos were just from my little digital camera. I have a couple rolls of film to develope from my BIG you will no doubt be seeing more of Moloka'i.
A hui hou!

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