Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Saturday in Barb's World

How did you spend your Saturday? I woke up not planning on accomplishing much because my throat was still sore and I didn't have much of a voice. But I had committed to picking up some coffee bags from a couple farmers today.

Heavenly Hawaiian coffee farm is in full force right now. They had a full crew of coffee pickers on property and it was a beautiful day to be picking coffee! I asked Dave and Trudy if I could snap a couple photos of their farm. Not a bad place to be working! They have such a beautiful location that overlooks the ocean from a high elevation. The coffee trees are loaded with cherry right now that gets picked and then the skins are removed and the beans are raked out onto this roof where the coffee beans are dried in the sun.
I know I am still "not all there" because after I paid for the coffee bags, I got in my car and drove down the driveway...and nearly went back to town....WITHOUT the coffee bags! I had counted them and left them in the barn and just drove off without them! Oh dear, Barb! But thankfully, when I reached the end of their long driveway I realized my guffaw and went back to collect my precious coffee bags!
Today was the designated day for our monthly "Stitch and Bitch" gathering. It is a great group of women in all stages of life who met because of a wonderful little sewing machine store that brought us all together many years ago...and is no longer in business. I think the youngest among us is a gal who just in the past year and a half adopted a little boy from Russia. Most of the rest of us have grown children if any at all. Today was Merle's 80th bday celebration. She is our most senior member and drives all the way from Hilo once a month for our gathering. It is about 200 miles round trip. So today we spiffed up our normal routine a bit. Champagne replaced the wine. I cut open a new bolt of fabric to cover the tables with and brought in some flowers from a wedding I was at earlier in the week. Someone brought a cake, and of course Linda made her famous lilikoi icecream! We chatted for about 6 hours and called it a day! So for a day that started out with few expectations, I had a really full day surrounded by friends and full of ideas. I hope you had a wonderful Saturday too!
Tomorrow I hope to have a full day of sewing. No sore more naps....just some serious bag making!
a hui hou


Barbra said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! We went to an 'outsider' art fair...well, I was an outsider since I didn't understand anything! But it was a beautiful day to be outdoors. Still lovin' my "baba" bag!

Sasaki Creations said...

I am so glad you love you bag! I haven't gotten any more bags from that farm, so yours is a one of a kind! That reminds me to contact that farm, though. Maybe I could make some accessories to match!