Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tally - Ho!

As you know, my goal for bag making/selling for 2009 was 1000 bags. Well, I just did my tally for the year, since we are through with 10 months and (drum roll, please....) as of today, I am at 980! I have approximately 100 bags on order and the holiday season is still ahead of me so I am feeling pretty confident that I will reach my goal this year. At this point, I am guessing that I may even reach 1200 for this year.

So, how should we celebrate when I reach that 1000 mark? Hmmm... any suggestions?

Today my favorite mailman brought me 4 new obis and 2 kimono! I would SO love to open them up and start cutting, but I am pooped! I got up today at 5am and made 12 Xmas stockings with cuffs and 9 tote bags to ship off to Coffees of Hawaii on the island of Molokai. That finished up my order that I can ship out on Monday. I will post some photos before I ship them because I LOVE them! I am very pleased with how they turned out and had fun working with their handpainted bags. But for now it is 10pm, I have been sewing for just about 17 hours today and I think it is time to hit the hay!

a hui hou


Mom said...

Congratulations!! I never had any doubt that you would reach your goal! You have been very determined since you were a little girl. If you set your mind to do something, you just DID it! Keep up the good work! You really deserve a reward for reaching your goal, but what, I am not sure. Something special for sure.

Sasaki Creations said...

I love you mom!