Sunday, November 1, 2009

Coffees of Hawaii

I just had to share these bags with you that I made yesterday because...well, because of the "too cute" factor! I now sew for Coffees of Hawaii on the island of Molokai and this shipment will go out to them tomorrow. Molokai is known for its mule train that ventures down a steep hill to Kalaupapa. So one of their bags is "Mule Skinner Coffee".

These Christmas stockings are just very cute. I made some as sets and others are one of a kind so that if a family wants to buy one for each kiddo, they will know which one is theirs!


Miss Gina Designs said...

So cool! Love the vibrant graphics!!

Sasaki Creations said...

Coffees of Hawaii told me that some of those bags were handpainted in Nicaguara. They really are vibrant!