Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So much to report!

I had surgery last week to remove the cancer from my leg and it went well. They said that they got it all and that Menehune Man had better figure another way to fund his retirement besides my life insurance! (kidding) I still have a "crater" in my leg which I am referring to as Halemaumau, and I think it will take awhile for the scar tissue to fill in. But all is well. It set me back a few days on my schedule so I am once again playing "catch up". Did I mention that "catch up" IS NOT one of my favorite games???

While over on Oahu I decided to take advantage of being able to tour some of the wholesale fabric companies on that island and set up some accounts. With the 100's of yards of canvas and lining fabrics I use each year, it just doesn't make any sense to be paying retail prices. It is so funny how my mindset has changed in the past 3 years. I used to go to the fabric store and really feel like I was splurging if I said, "oh, go ahead and give me...*while biting lip*... 3 yards of that one!" Now, I just purchased 300 yards of fabric this week! I found myself saying, "well, that is only 600 tote bags...maybe I should get more!"

One thing that I am having a conflict over is that since I have gotten into corporate sales, I sometimes feel like I am a tote bag factory. Maybe that is because...I HAVE become a tote bag factory! Although it is nice having a large order and getting paid all at once, I really am missing being able to spend time making purses and design new bags. I have had to set aside my creativity for awhile and I am not loving that! So with that being said....I think that unquestionably, my word for the year must be....(drum roll please!)

I'll let you know how that goes.

I recently told a girlfriend that I feel like I am a circus act, juggling so many things at once and living in fear that one of the balls will drop. I have learned very recently that a couple of my accounts that I have been doing business with don't behave honorably. How very disappointing! In a way, that has been very liberating to realize this because in this next year, I have decided that I will concentrate on my loyal customers who value my product and pay their bills on time. I have also learned that I must include a few extra words in my contracts to protect myself. As long as we have breath, we should be learning, right? Well, I am learning a lot. And I must say that Menehune Man has been my hero this week. Knowing that I have been under quite a bit of stress in the past two months, he stepped up, as President of Sasaki Bags, and took over the task of collecting money that is overdue.

a hui hou!


Thru D'lukinglass Bags said...

All the best with the results from your surgery.

Sasaki Creations said...

Thanks so much. Great etsy shop by the way. I just became one of your fans on Facebook!

AhimsaFibers said...

I was going to tell you that your word should be balance - how funny. Maybe we all DO share a common consciencenss, or maybe just mothers and daughters :)

Sasaki Creations said...

Sis, It is just cuz you know me too well! I get so focused that I neglect other things. Really want to reach for balance and at least get closer to it than I am currently!