Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Ground Hog Day!

I heard that Puskatawny (sp) Phil saw his shadow...so if you are not in Hawaii, I guess that means six more weeks of winter. And Phil is correct 39% of the time! Bundle up!
But if you are in Hawaii, you know what a beautiful weather we have been having. Today I completely ran out of Hula Daddy coffee bags so I had to drop everything and drive up to their farm. Actually, I always look forward to that. They have a cozy visitor's center with koa rockers overlooking their farm and looking further out to the coastline. It really is breathtaking. I planned my trip for the late afternoon when I knew I would be dragging a little bit and really appreciate that shot of caffeine I would be getting there.
(If you look very closely, at the photo with the rocker, you might just see my very own Bolton-Sasaki Bag perched on the couch)
So now I am sufficiently stocked with my most popular bags and can keep busy making bags. Last month I made 120 bags....and sold 125 bags! I can't keep that up very long or I will be starting a waiting list again!
I am also busy designing and redesigning some new bags for Kona Mountain Coffee. They will be opening a second location early this summer and they are interested in some more high end bags. Today I dropped off a gorgeous two-tone red silk bag that had burlap pockets with their logo. They loved it! It may sound a bit strange...but the extreme textures of silk and burlap somehow make a nice marriage (IMHO). The staff and management at KMC are amazing. They really feel like my ohana. (family) They give me creative license to try out new designs and always make me feel appreciated. That is a nice bonus that a business person doesn't expect! I want to have 200+ bags ready for them to open up the new store so I am starting early. I don't like to function in "emergency mode". Planning ahead and breaking it down into manageable tasks fits my nature much better.
Big news tomorrow....drop in to find out what has me all excited!
a hui hou

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