Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sasaki Bags Productivity

Aloha one and all! What a week I am having so far. Sasaki Bags has been so productive and it is only Tuesday! I rarely make one bag at a time anymore. I find I can get more done by sewing assembly line style. So one day I may make several linings, cut out straps etc. Another day I may make the exterior of the bags. Then on the third day I see the results. So far this week I have completed 22 bags and 53 linings! I am going back through my customer requests and keeping them in mind as I do all my prep work. Being in Kona, I tend to focus primarily on my coffee bags, but with the beautiful photos in GreenCraft of my potato sack purses, I realize I also need to make some of those. (Suzanne, I have not forgotten your market tote).

My original wholesale account is opening up a new store on Oahu in Waikiki. They have asked me to provide bags for the new store as well, so even though it won't open until summer, I have started designing new bags for that store. I am really excited at the opportunities this new store will bring to me. They are encouraging me to make some "higher end bags". I am anticipating an increase in productivity of about 80 bags a month. To make this happen, I have had to hire a seamstress to assist me. I am already planning for the 2010 holiday season so that hopefully I won't be so far behind this year. Christmas stockings are being prepared NOW! Bags are being cut out. Fabric is on my shelves....It is only February and I feel like I am ready to wrap the year up!

I want to let my readers know that I am planning a "special" coming up soon for items in my Etsy shop. The deal will only be available for my blog readers and Facebook Fans. More info will follow in the next few days on my Sasaki Bags Facebook Fan page. If you are thinking of making a purchase....become a "fan" and wait just a few more days. I will make it worth your while, I promise!

Well, this day has come to a close. Morning will come soon, so I must go catch some ZZZsss.

a hui hou

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Suzanne said...

I never, for a single moment, thought you might have forgotten. You are way too organized for that! Whenever you get to it will be soon enough.

It sounds as if you are adjusting well to the increase in volume and knew when to call in the reinforcements.