Friday, February 5, 2010

Silk Yoga Mat Bag

Today I took a break from burlap coffee bags and brought a new diva into the world. This gorgeous (truly she IS!) gal is "Keiko" which means "happy child" in Japanese. Whenever I make a diva out of a kimono or obi, it just feels right that I give her a Japanese name.

I just can not tell you how content I feel right now. I have not had an opportunity to be creative in months. Just been pumping out those tote bags! So this was definately a therapeutic treat for me. It feels like I have been to the spa! *sigh*

Keiko was born on February 5, making her an Aquarius. She is a joyful girl with a sunny disposition who was gifted with the ability to live in the moment. She is fun-loving . Your life will be enriched when you have Keiko as a companion.

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