Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Kikuye

Today is my mother-in-law's 90th birthday! Her whole family has made it home to have dinner with her tonight. One of her grandsons she hasn't seen for over 2 years and he has been hiding out to surprise gramma tonight. My mother-in-law's name is Kikuye Sasaki but since most haoles can't pronounce that, she also goes by "K". She is a hard working woman. Infact, she probably would not have retired 2 years ago if her kids hadn't insisted. She ran a gas station for nearly 40 years and even at age 86, you could drive by the station and see her pumping gas or standing on a milk crate with squeegy in hand to wash the windows on a truck. She is a tiny woman, not even 5' tall but as sharp as a tack. She has been known to enjoy the slots but going to Vegas is getting difficult for her. She loves ...LOVES! sports and watches them all on TV. Sometimes she will call MM just to tell him that UH (the Hawaii team) is playing volleyball on channel 5 at whatever time! She adores tennis and it amuses me that she goes for the cute guys! She used to like Agassi but wasn't thrilled when he shaved his head.

Kikuye lives at her own home and takes care of herself. Her kids come by often to share a meal an can usually find her out working in her yard. She has a huge area that she takes care of and loves her rose garden.

So today, even though I know she will never read this, I want to send out a big "happy birthday" to my "other mom".


Mom said...

'K' is an amazing woman. I am happy that you have her in your life!

Lorna said...

I just found your blog...saw the ad in the magazine and then followed links from Kona Soaps! I remember when Mrs. Sasaki used to fill the gas in my car! She is so sweet. I will be checking back on your blog and etsy site....I am also a Sasaki but not related to the one's in Kealakekua (we're Oahu born, Kona raised). Have a good one!

Sasaki Bags said...

Aloha Lorna!
Thanks for stopping by! My mother-in-law is known by so many people. She is still doing well and spends much of her time working in her garden or watching sports on TV. She can tell you what time any UH team game is on and knows all the golf and tennis stars.

There is another Sasaki family in Kona, who are not related to us that have a coffee farm. OH how I would love it if they had some coffee bags printed with their family name on them! Then of course I could purchase some and make "Sasaki Bags" out of Sasaki bags! In my spare time, I will have to stop in to introduce myself to them.