Monday, February 8, 2010

Honolulu Advertiser Island LIfe

What a nice surprise I got today. I was fixing lunch for MM when a friend, and coffee farmer, called to let me know that my one of my bags was in an article on "Green Bags" going local in the Honolulu newspaper. My bag is pictured along with 7 other artists. They mentioned a store on Oahu where they got it and the pricing along with my web site.

I would just like to thank Melissa May White of HiFi (Hawaii Fashion Incubator) for bringing my bags to the attention of the fashion editor Paula Rath. I appreciate evert opportunity for bringing recognition to my bags. So, mahalo nui loa!

Yesterday I only had 41 fans on facebook so I decided to put the word out that I was pushing for 100! Since I reached my goal in less than 24 hours, I am doing a give-away to a random "fan" tomorrow. I haven't decided yet what to use as the give-away. Hmmmm maybe my new cell phone bag that I made today? Or...maybe one of my Kaloko bags like this Hula bag with the detachable adjustable strap? I need to decide BEFORE I draw the name. Any suggestions?


Suzanne said...

Hi Barb!

Sorry to have been such a stranger for the past couple of months. I was not at all supportive through your skin cancer ordeal, and I apologize. As usual, the transition from Sandpoint to Santa Barbara, and the huge mess we found to clean up here, sucked up a huge amount of time.

Congratulations on all the well-deserved press you have been getting, and on meeting and exceeding your goals. You go girl!

To answer your question: I think the cell phone bag is monumentally cute and would make a great prize.

Take care and be well.

Mom said...

This little bag looks quite nice for your give away bag! Looks like it could be put to many uses. I am happy to hear that you have your 100 fans!

Melissa May White said...

Congrats on the article and meeting your fan goal! Glad I could be of help in connecting you with Paula - she had heard of Sasaki already but just hadn't yet thought of it for the Green Bags story. Aloha!

Sasaki Creations said...

Aloha Suzanne,
One of the best things that has happened to me on this journey of becoming a bag maker is that some of my customers seem like long lost friends that have just come into my life. You are one of those and I thank you for all the support you have continued to offer me. I am sorry your Idaho to California transisition couldn't have been smoother. You know what they say about "what doesn't kill us"....

I do believe that the adversity primes us to enjoy the good times all the more.

I decided to take your advice, since it was the first one offered, and send my FB winner the cell phone bag. Hope she likes it!

Drop in anytime. Don't ever feel bad for not stopping in for awhile! This is a guilt free zone!

a hui hou