Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hey, Cabbie!

This is a fun novelty bag! The exterior panels are a crisp black poplin fabric lined with fleece and a sturdy stabilizer for added body. The front and back pockets are a cotton print with yellow taxi cabs bumper to bumper. The say "NYC Taxi" on the sides of the cabs. The exterior pockets are accented with bright yellow piping.

For a closure I used an oversized yellow button and an elastic loop. The handles are 1" wide and 16" long, making this a wristlet.

The lining is a black and white cotton print of a traffic jam. The two interior pockets are lined with the taxi fabric and accented with black piping.


Wendi said...

Wow! I LOVE looking at your bags! Too bad they are too small for me but one day, when I do not have to lug around a mommy bag, I will indulge.

Is your blog new? I like seeing crafters use their blogs for business.


Sasaki Creations said...

Hi Wendi
I think I started this in November so I could show my customers some different items I am making. Thanks for stopping by! The kids grow up all too soon. Having to lug a big bag is a small price. But what about date nights with hubby???

Ice Queen said...

I was wondering if you make any of these styles with an on the shoulder strap?