Friday, December 7, 2007

Mapping the World!

Well, if you read my earlier blogs about getting permission from ITMB to use their maps to make my map bags, you know that the President of that company requested a map bag for his wife. She is Vietnamese so he even sent me a map of Hanoi, Vietnam and put post-its near where their house is located and other points of interest to include in her bag. Yesterday I finally got the silk painting I ordered from ebay that I planned to use in this bag. It is by a vietnamese artist and is basically a silk panel that has been painted on. It had a lovely scene of fishing and women in a village field. So being brave I just cut the painting up to use as fabric panels for Mrs. Joyce's bag. The fabric panels are on either side of the bag and the map panels are on the front and back sides. I lined this bag with a golden silk fabric that I bought at Jim Thompsons in Bangkok, Thailand. There is also a magnetic closure and two pockets inside. I had some Laotian silk I wanted to use for the lining but it just didn't go with the bag. I hope she likes this as a reminder of home. There's no place like home.....

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