Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome Luana!

Help me welcome a little sister for Hiapo! This gal was born on January 5th and stands in nobodies shadow! She is my second in a series of collaborated art/bags that I am working on with Hawaii artist Stephanie Bolton. I used a rich deep blue dupioni silk fabric for the body of this bag and lined her with a cotton batik that looks as though it is a remnant of the pareo that the lovely girl is wearing in the painting! It is done in red tones with a little coppery brown thrown in.

I used bamboo D shaped handles which add to the tropical feel of this bag. In the Hawaiian language, Luana means "to be at leisure, enjoy pleasant surroundings and be content". As I finished this handbag I looked at the gorgeous painting and thought that "Luana" describes the scene beautifully!

As with all my Diva bags, I have written this little bio for her:
Luana was born on January 5th, making her a Capricorn. Remaining true to her sign, Luana is a deep thinker with a calm demeanor and a never ending curiosity. She is surprisingly witty and a joy to be around.

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wildflowr said...

Journey says he likes this one the best (my three year old).
I finished my coffee picker pocket today!!!! (the theme of mine- I am working on the others too, shooting to make a special delivery to you by Saturday... if all goes well)... can't wait for school to start (Jan.14)