Sunday, December 28, 2008

Handpainted "Hawaiian Expressions" Silk Handbag

In collaboration with Hawaii artist, Stephanie Bolton, I am pleased to announce the release of the first in a series of "Hawaiian Expressions" handbags.

I enjoy making beautiful handbags and have chosen Stephanie Bolton, a Big Island Hawaii artist to work with to create "Hiapo". As my groupies know, I always name my diva bags after their completion and since this beauty is in Stephanie's "Hawaiian Expressions" series, I chose a Hawaiian name for this bag. (pronounced Hee ah po) The name means first born and I celebrate this bag as the beautiful work of art that she is.

This bag is made from an irridescent dark red dupioni silk with the front panel being handpainted on heavy cotton canvas.

The painting is an acrylic on canvas of a polynesian girl with a flower behind her ear listening to the sounds of the ocean through a sea shell. Her eyes are haunting in a shade of green. There are palm trees and the ocean in the background.

For the lining I chose a high quality cotton batik with colors that accentuate the reds and greens in the painting.

The exterior has one rear pocket lined with the cotton batik. It is accented with matching custom piping.

The interior has two pockets accented with custom piping.

This bag closes with an antique gold colored magnetic snap.

The handles are bamboo, attached to the bag with dark red silk loops.

The size of this bag is 10" tall x 6" wide.

Hiapo was born on December 27 making her a Capricorn. The Capricorn personality is one that is firmly grounded in reality and who will consistently be the voice of reason in a chaotic world. Who wouldn't want a friend like that?

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AhimsaFibers said...

Wow, Ma, that is beautiful! I'm wicked impressed.