Monday, December 8, 2008

A touch of whimsy

Okay, more than a touch of whimsy. This bag is just a crack up! I have been wanting to make it for months....fabric sitting on the shelf, calling my name...You know what I am talking about!

This bag is not for the shy, wallflowers out there. This one shouts from across the street, "Hey, look at me! Do I tickle you?"

It is my Kealakekua style of bag but I lined the entire exterior with fleece for structural support and to give it a "store bought" appearance. It made a lot more work for myself but was worth it when seeing the final product. I really dislike flimsy bags!

I still have projects I should be working on ....but needed this little break from burlap for some comic relief.

Now back to the sweat shop!